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Underground Conveyors

Engineered for the depths, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance in tough underground environments.

Underground Conveyors

Engineered for the Depths

Navigating the depths requires more than just robust machinery; it demands conveyors designed to withstand the most challenging underground environments. DIMISA's underground conveyors are precisely engineered to address the unique demands of subterranean service.

Why choose DIMISA for your underground conveyor needs?

Enhanced Tolerance for Misalignment: Our conveyors are built to endure increased belt misalignment, a common challenge in the demanding underground settings.
Maintenance-Friendly Design: Recognizing the tough locations these conveyors operate in, our designs facilitate easier maintenance and are built to withstand the wear and tear of underground service.

Our specialized underground conveyor features include:

Cable Mounted Conveyors: Ideal for rapid installation, these conveyors are designed for quick and efficient setup in the demanding underground landscape.
Compensated Rigid Stringer Conveyors: With superior alignment characteristics, these conveyors offer enhanced stability and longevity, crucial for underground operations.
Belt Feeders for Skip Hoist Systems: These are tailored to provide reliable and controlled feeding into skip hoist systems, ensuring consistent flow and efficiency.

At DIMISA, we understand the unique challenges of underground material handling. Our conveyors are not just built to perform; they're designed to conquer the underground.

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