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At the heart of DIMISA lies a relentless pursuit to address our clients' necessities with the utmost excellence. From the very beginning, our quest to solve your unique challenges has been the driving force behind our direction towards innovative solutions. It is this dedication that has established us as leaders in bespoke bulk material handling systems.


Rooted in a rich history that began in 1979, we have continually expanded our horizons, advancing with each project undertaken. Our 42-acre manufacturing haven in Mexico stands as a symbol of our commitment to innovation and quality. This expansive facility is where our concepts come to life, enabling us to supply tailored solutions across the Americas, reaching from the snowy landscapes of Canada to the diverse terrains of Chile.


In this strategic location, we harness the latest technologies and lean manufacturing processes to create equipment that is not only robust and reliable but also infused with the flexibility to adapt to evolving project demands. Our in-house capabilities allow us to maintain stringent quality control, ensuring that every component we produce meets the high standards our clients have come to expect from DIMISA.


As we continue to grow and evolve, our foundation remains the same: a steadfast commitment to meeting your needs with smart, sustainable solutions. We don't just build machinery; we forge long-term partnerships, ensuring that each project is a stepping stone towards greater achievements and mutual success.


Join us in a journey of engineering excellence. Choose DIMISA, where your necessities are the blueprint for our innovation, and every solution is crafted with precision to power your projects into the future.


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