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Stacking Systems

Advanced stacker conveyors designed for sustainable and efficient bulk material stockpile management.

Stacking Systems

Elevating Bulk Material Management

DIMISA's advanced stacker conveyors are engineered to revolutionize bulk material stockpile creation, offering a versatile array of solutions tailored to meet diverse operational needs. Our stackers are designed for efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility, ensuring that your stockpiling operations are not only productive but also sustainable.

Our Comprehensive Range of Stacker Conveyors Includes:

The Traditional Fixed Stacker: A staple in bulk material handling, our fixed stackers are designed for durability and straightforward operation, providing a reliable solution for stockpile management.
Full Luffing Stackers: To significantly reduce dust emissions and address environmental concerns, our full luffing stackers offer an advanced solution. These stackers adjust their angle to minimize the drop height of materials, effectively reducing dust generation during stockpiling.
Articulated Luffing Stackers: Offering even greater flexibility, our articulated luffing stackers provide the benefits of reduced dust emissions with enhanced control over the stockpiling process. Their articulated design allows for precise positioning, further mitigating environmental impact.
Rotating Stackers: For operations requiring versatile stockpile management, our rotating stackers offer unmatched flexibility. Capable of creating layered stockpiles and managing multiple stockpile sites efficiently, these stackers ensure optimal use of space and material handling.

Why Choose DIMISA Stacker Systems?
Choosing DIMISA means opting for a partner that understands the intricacies of bulk material handling. Our stacker systems are not just about moving materials; they're about optimizing your stockpile management with solutions that are as innovative as they are effective. With DIMISA, you gain:
Versatility: A wide range of stacker options to meet the specific needs of your operation.
Environmental Responsibility: Solutions designed to minimize dust emissions and environmental impact.
Efficiency and Reliability: Systems engineered for optimal performance, ensuring reliable stockpile management.

At DIMISA, we are committed to delivering stacker systems that enhance your operation's efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. Let our advanced conveying solutions elevate your bulk material management to new heights.

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