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Pipe Conveyors

Offering enclosed, flexible material transport, DIMISA's pipe conveyors minimize environmental impact while navigating complex layouts.

Pipe Conveyors

Navigating Complexity with Advanced Design

DIMISA's Pipe Conveyors redefine the standards of bulk material handling with their innovative design and advanced functionality. Engineered for efficiency and environmental responsibility, these conveyors start as traditional belt systems but transition into a closed pipe formation, offering distinct advantages over conventional conveyors.

Key Advantages of DIMISA Pipe Conveyors:

Agility in Layout Adaptation: Our Pipe Conveyors excel in navigating the complexities of existing plant layouts with unparalleled flexibility. Capable of executing 3D turns within tight radii, these systems are the go-to choice for integrating into complex and constrained environments, ensuring seamless material transport without the need for extensive modifications.
Enhanced Environmental Protection: The enclosed design of our Pipe Conveyors significantly reduces pollution risks. By keeping the material securely within the belt on both the carry and return paths, it minimizes airborne dust and prevents material spillage. This feature makes DIMISA Pipe Conveyors an environmentally friendly solution, reducing the impact on the surrounding area and adhering to stringent environmental standards.

DIMISA's Commitment to Innovation:

At DIMISA, we are committed to delivering conveyor solutions that not only meet the logistical and operational needs of our clients but also address environmental concerns. Our Pipe Conveyors are a testament to this commitment, designed to offer superior material handling capabilities while minimizing environmental impact. Whether you're navigating the tight spaces of an existing facility or looking for a cleaner, more efficient way to transport materials, DIMISA's Pipe Conveyors are engineered to provide a solution that is as practical as it is innovative.

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