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Linear Storage Systems

Streamlining bulk material storage with advanced stacking and reclaiming technologies for optimal space utilization.

Linear Storage Systems

Streamlining Bulk Material Storage

DIMISA's Linear Storage Systems represent the pinnacle of efficiency and flexibility in bulk material storage solutions. Designed to cater to a wide range of material handling requirements, these systems feature advanced stacking and reclaiming mechanisms, ensuring optimal space utilization and streamlined operations within linear storage halls.

Innovative Stacking Solutions:

Our linear storage systems are equipped with a variety of stacking technologies to suit diverse operational needs:

Tripper Conveyors: Ideal for creating layered stockpiles, our tripper conveyors distribute materials efficiently along the length of the storage hall.
Travelling Shuttle Conveyors: Offering flexibility in stockpile creation, these conveyors move along the storage area, facilitating precise material placement.
Reversible Travelling Shuttle Conveyors: Enhancing stacking efficiency, these conveyors allow for rapid, bidirectional material distribution, enabling faster stacking of different materials or products.

Advanced Reclaiming Mechanisms:

To complement our stacking solutions, DIMISA's linear storage systems incorporate sophisticated reclaiming options designed for maximum retrieval efficiency:

Reclaim Tunnels: Positioned beneath material piles, these tunnels facilitate efficient material withdrawal, supported by gates or feeders for controlled reclaim operations.
Reclaim Conveyors with Scraper Reclaimers: Located along the sides of material piles, these conveyors are fed by scraper reclaimers, ensuring continuous and efficient material retrieval.

Why Opt for DIMISA Linear Storage Systems?

Choosing DIMISA's Linear Storage Systems means investing in:

Versatility and Adaptability: Tailored stacking and reclaiming solutions that meet the specific needs of your operation.
Space Efficiency: Optimized utilization of storage space, thanks to precise material handling and placement technologies.
Operational Efficiency: Streamlined material storage and retrieval processes that boost productivity and reduce operational costs.

At DIMISA, we understand that efficient material storage is crucial to your operation's success. Our Linear Storage Systems are designed to provide a seamless, efficient, and flexible solution for managing your bulk materials, from initial storage to final retrieval.

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