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High Angle Conveyors

Merging efficiency and versatility, our high angle conveyors achieve direct material transfer across steep inclines.

High Angle Conveyors

Elevating Efficiency and Flexibility

DIMISA leads the way in innovative material handling solutions with our state-of-the-art Pocket Belt Conveyors, designed specifically to tackle the challenges of high angle conveyor applications. These systems represent a leap in efficiency and versatility, surpassing traditional material handling methods like bucket elevators.

Unparalleled Efficiency and Direct Discharge:

Our Pocket Belt Conveyors are ingeniously designed to combine the best of both worlds: they can be loaded in a conventional horizontal section and then transition seamlessly to incline or even vertical orientations, discharging materials precisely where needed. This unique capability allows for direct transfer, reducing the need for multiple conveying systems and thereby optimizing the material handling process.

Versatile Application Across Angles:

What sets the DIMISA Pocket Belt Conveyor apart is its ability to negotiate a wide range of angles, from horizontal to vertical, without compromising on efficiency or capacity. This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for a variety of industries and applications, particularly where space constraints necessitate innovative conveying paths.

Why Choose DIMISA High Angle Conveyors?

Choosing a DIMISA High Angle Conveyor means investing in a system that:

Enhances operational efficiency by eliminating unnecessary transfer points.
Offers greater flexibility in layout design, enabling more direct paths in complex environments.
Provides a reliable and robust solution for vertical and steep incline material handling.

At DIMISA, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a seamless flow of materials in your operations. Our Pocket Belt Conveyors are designed with this principle in mind, ensuring that your material handling is not just efficient, but also strategically optimized for your specific needs.

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