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Heavy Duty Belt Feeders

Custom-designed for extreme demands, providing unparalleled durability and uptime in mineral processing.

Heavy Duty Belt Feeders

The Titans of Material Handling

At DIMISA, we set the industry benchmark with our custom-designed Heavy Duty Belt Feeders, tailored to thrive in the most demanding applications. These titans are engineered for the critical task of extracting materials from hoppers and stockpiles, specifically catering to the substantial scale of mineral processing plants at some of the world’s largest copper and iron ore mines.

Customization Meets Durability

Each feeder is a product of meticulous engineering, custom-designed to handle the rigorous demands of heavy-duty operations. We understand that in the world of material handling, one size does not fit all. That’s why our belt feeders are not pre-designed or off-the-shelf; they are bespoke solutions that are as unique as the challenges they face and the materials they transport.

Engineered for Uptime

We design with uptime in the forefront of our minds. Our belt feeders are synonymous with durability. Their robust construction ensures that they not only meet the expectations of high-capacity operations but also exceed them, offering unparalleled reliability and extended service life even in the toughest environments.

Unmatched in Performance

DIMISA’s Heavy Duty Belt Feeders are the powerhouse in material handling. They are the embodiment of strength and reliability, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted operation that is essential for the productivity of your mineral processing plant. When you choose DIMISA, you choose a partner committed to engineering excellence and the success of your operation.

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